good morning. then they say, how was your day? it was bad. bad morning. need a break. a breakfast. a cup of double shot americano. breakfast. coffee. books? maybe. a rebooting computer. morning glitches. a morning to mourn. about late nights. last minutes. and unfinished business. time clock had changed. gravity turns strong. or are we turning every sleep into a fast break. woke up in a middle of a never ending dream. sold our soul to the devils. or are we the devils. without a soul. some were only awaken by coffee and a daily routine. some were living the dream. where coffee was drank with love. still with morning glitches. some never had morning glitches. needless to say. they never get a chance to say. good morning.

" it's 12:41 a.m. in the morning "
" mourning? "
" 8 a.m. class coming soon "



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