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like a sewer pipe. flashes of understatement above with minimized truth flowing under.  everything looks so clean because dirtiness was shifted not removed. it's been emotional using understatement to all faithless followers  who never dared to go down under who never knew there's "under" only those who use understatement shall be proud of  protecting relationships and weak mentality  and the fact that understatement was always a painless hurt.
"a painless hurt"
xoxo jiasheng


it was a hell of a semester for me, and now here's a small diss track from me to mark the end of the semester. =)  
no stress and keep rest good luck in your exam this rhyme so fine and i kiss you goodbye peace. 
xoxo penguin


identity could be so tiring the strong  could never be weak  the weak  are forever not strong everything going in accordance  what's right?  or what's of course? caption this  3am a strong boy with shattered dreams cried put on a cap and smile on 3pm.
"low key"
xoxo  jiasheng.


she was my type of taste that suits me so well. i always walk all the way to the national stadium just to see her. i dreamt about her every day. her cool appearance, long hair and dreamy eyes. best in visual during sports in the national stadium. time to man up. as i approach her, with a smile, saying the magic word, "hi". feeling kinda creepy, totally not a time for my ultimate pick up lines. so i introduced myself and i said, "wanna hang?". she was kind, which adds one more attribute to my checklist. i knew that she's a tourist from our conversation. i felt so blind, not knowing that she's actually a russian spending her gap year in malaysia. of course she said yes to my "wanna hang?". i decided to plan out something like a two days trip for her. with my skill in social, i think i got this date out for sure. but
"you never know"
she's a riddler and rhymer. a complicated mastermind. to be exact. she gave me a riddle to guess which …


they are both libra.
they live next to each other. with an occasion wave throughout the day.
hi-bye friend to be exact.
one loves the outdoor. it was his paris
one loves the indoor. it was her paris
time goes by and with every occasion wave
gained an occasion smile
and with every occasion smile
gained an undisclosed affection
she admired him
he adored her
but yet
they all waited for an approach
posting emotional status with hidden messages
as much as they both hate to be alone
they are both waiting for a reality that isn't genuine
a paris-like love story
just like the libra sign
they never tilt for each other
just two lonely people staying together.

"this does not apply to group assignment"



What is Light?

Light is Happiness.

When we enjoy ourselves, partying. Those shiny and flash light. Gives excitement and enjoyment.

Light is Idea.

When we work together for a solution. Every shine within our mind bulb, gives out limitless idea.

Light is Direction.

When one of us falls into the dark side. We are always there, pulling you back to the light.

Light is Love.

Where every tiny sparkles within our heart ignites the beginning of a love story.

Light is Unity.

It bring us together. Celebrations. Festivals. Light is what makes the Malaysia, Malaysia

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth"

-  Bahaullah
"Led Fiesta"



a first time walking back home from university on a late cold night. missed the last bus because of debriefing after a late event. i was the last to leave. and alone. holding a emoji-like cardboard box. sleepyhead in mind. i walk back home on a misty ghostly night. distance was okay. a straight line road and a small hill to climb. the road was unusually quiet. such a weird "surprise". playing my phone and replying chats with different types of emoji as i walk. yet i kept a emotionless expression. there was a man standing under the only lamppost ahead. back facing towards me. i walk past the man. he stopped me. and said, "young man, is the box smiling or no?". i said, "it's a grimace emoji.". i can't see his face despite standing under the lamppost. but i didn't bother further. then he said, "so is it smiling?". i looked down at my phone. the grimace emoji is smiling. so i said, "yes?". then he said while smiling. "yes…