Dazzled upon. We learnt the worst way to stay out of getting hurt is to, stay put. It’s like a man getting dismembered. Rotting in place. Forgotten its direction. Lost. Soulless. Feeling empty in depressing darkness. “I don’t know what to feel“, is it an excuse, to escape what hurts you the most?

            Stay put no more. When you realized everything moves as you stand still. Few will stop by and comfort you, but none will stays. Stricken by gravity, only thing can do is to move on. Improve yourself. Prove your worth. Spread the aura of positivity. By the end of the day, we are all birds accepting in an imperfection flight.

             Stay put no more. Let it all out and live your life. Appreciate what ahead and be happy. Happiness is everywhere. A smile exchanged by a stranger. An act of kindness. Anything in simplicity. Feel what you are feeling. Fall in love again. Never make reference from the past. Be yourself, your life is not based on any article telling you what you should feel, what you should act. I’m not telling you what to do. I embrace you. You shouldn’t be alone. You should not be the lone hunter, hiding out in the depressing night.

             Stay put no more. Once you found the pull to the light, true color of the world will be seen. There may be dark and bright. Sometimes you may be stumbled upon another sadness tonight. Worry no more and hope for the better tomorrow. For those, who mix hope with action.



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