tides gushing. in deep water. you are drowning. is this the end? or are you trying hard enough to survive? entered uncharted waters. from the shallows to the far shores. it's dangerous. it's risky. life is dangerous. it's a venture. an adventure. saving yourself from time to time. perspective from others may sway your intention. calling it selfish, self-centered. would you be pulled down together to the bottom of the sea. or should you reborn and rise again from the deeps? the main point is always, save yourself, before saving others. the true nature of humanity will not be changed. like pain receptor within our epidermis. an reflextive reaction. would you surge forward? a sea change is coming. and it vow to drown you in blood. are you ready to be the savior of your own life? are you ready to reborn? or the riptides shall claim victory. resting in peace under the tide. r.i.p tide. peace out.



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