Hope I don't stop.

This is my first blog and blogpost. Hope I really don't stop. Hope my laziness doesn't creep on me. Always been wanted to start a blog. Always been wanted to practice my English writing. Being currently studying in Xiamen University Malaysia, I think I will be soon dead if I don't practice my English writing well enough. Life is hard when you knew you can't be dependent on your parents anymore. Tired of acting independent when I'm not. So, I think I'll just rant here. Everything will be better, I told myself everytime.

One more thing about my university life is that I just don't have a roommate. I have the tendency to be alone. Alone but not lonely though. I heard that there's 500 students from China enrolling in September. I really hope I'm not getting a roommate, at least not from China. No offense though, it's my problem that I don't like it.

Currently now in Ipoh, damn it's feel so good to be back. Miss my bathroom aka studio so much. I like both my university and my home. Just too bad I can't enjoy both at the same time. Just hope that I don't stop. Not only this blog. But my dream, where I hope that there comes a time where I will be known to everyone. Good night peeps. Time to sleep.



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