It's been a long time since my last post. No I'm not busy, just feeling lazy and and don't feel the "ohm" to write. Should have be in UTAR by now for the October intake, but plan had changed and I decided to change next year if I wanted to. Sudden feel of not wanting to waste my sem 1 here. So far so good right now, who knows when I'm going to fall into deep depression again everytime "comparing" pops in my mind. Fuck comparing man. Or fuck myself to be exact? Why I wanted to leave? I wanna live my life where studying is not becoming a burden, and not thinking about the shitty scholarship and people getting 100% and you are not. Besides, I just feel like going to somewhere near home. Times where life were good, like going for softball training, dancing, sit for my Japanese N4 examination, playing guitar, singing, talking with random Japanese uncle in the recreation club. And yes, I think I will miss the selection for the Asian under-19 softball competition since I decided to stay. Lack of training and can't attend the selection. Representing Malaysia man, not saying that I will surely get selected, but at least I can try, now I can't. So, maybe next year if I change school, I could have make it for the Sukma 2018, another dream come true for me! Going home tomorrow btw. Yay! Like finally after a month. Many things to do after arriving Ipoh. Hangout with friends, visit Sam tet dance club, eat some moon cakes and hopefully my friend done composing my new song. Not sure if I'm gonna post it in YouTube though, see how suck it turn out to be haha. Ok I end this blog post with the photo of my first official dance performance in Xiamen university for the music club concert. Should be a farewell dance though. Damn embarrassing.   


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