Lost in boxes. The feeling of unable to find something in a well-arranged box. Too many box? Should we arrange our feelings, thoughts or maybe emotions? Maybe it's time wasting looking out for something you've packed in a box. Or should we set free ourselves and let whatever thoughts, feelings, emotions come first to conquer your human mind? Once you arranged too many feelings in too many box, you became indolent in ever discovering what you are feeling. Deep? Picture finding a card in a store room. It's either you gave up finding or you found it eventually by pure luck. As time goes by, you tend to forget where to put your feelings, where you set your thoughts, or where you hide your emotions. Eventually, you are robotized without a feeling, an emotionless creature. " I don't know what I'm feeling "? Worried about losing something, forgotten how to obtain something, Appreciate the imperfections of life, and there would be no waste in living a life. Whatever or whoever sets in your life would then become, your one and only box. 



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