like a death star. strong. having imbalance power. enough to dismantle anything. but yet rebels manage to destroy every time. you see shadow when there is light, you see the star when there is night. moon appears to stalk us every night, luster through the city of loneliness tonight. is power enough? when you fought reality without an ally. is like a shadow can't be seen in the night, and stars unveiled through the daylight. the right ally maybe? or is it fate that connects us in line, waiting for the supposed "day" and "night". once in a while we hate what feels right, like hating shadow blocking our sight. shadow don't you hate me. a lone hunter getting played by the believed to be "mrs right". you never left. maybe i'm the star, a self glowing source that produce light, to give shadow what it needs to be alive. together we're fearless. together we gathered power. we are not death star. we are more than that. we are more than complete. we are the shadowstar. 
" a lone ranger's contradictory thought of power ".



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