The Mist.

How far can you see? How blind are you? While we claim to have 10/10 vision, there's always something blocking your vision, your goal. It's called the mist. We often get lost in the fog, which eventually makes us vulnerable to any insecurities. Sometimes, we saw ghosts in the mist, images that is not real. Why is that? All these ghostly mist makes fear more and more magnified. Fear creates false reality. Fear of the misty path in front of you, fear of the failure because there was no confirm success. Mist are tiny droplets of water, suspended in the air. You may drown in water, but can you drown in the mist? Well you surely can. As funny as it may seem, most of us are in the mist, it's not that we don't to go out, is that we don't have the courage to walk out. Because we are drowning inside, drowning in fear. We could have changed the world, or we can let the tiny droplets of water within the mist slowly, steadily drowning us to death. 



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