a synthetic drug. blurred mood and perception. a happy face in an angry state. replaced too many "no" with too many "yes". only to save a ship not worth saving. ridiculous request in the name of friendship. where is the sincere once there. used and used. you may not even knew. you used. need to relearn. how to say no. keep me in this trance like form. reminder for reality check. every time I burst into anger. we are never good at shaking heads and saying no. often with sad faces and guilt even when you're right. funny how people say yes to ecstasy drugs. just to shake their heads with joy in the face. little did you know. that's just how many "no" they left unsaid. in the end we became psychopath. finally. "selfish", "stingy", "egocentric" are not replied to every "no" we said.

"those witty replies"
"faces of the world"
"please don't do drugs"
"learn to say no"
"the photo has nothing to do with the post"
"ecstasy in the face when I looked at the dessert"
"newens tea house"



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