I Bear You.

I bear you with my bare hands. Daily arguments. Feelings turn sour. We are bored of each other. Why are we still together? Honeymoon was over. Our love are slowly turning into a straight line. Dead.

“Everything decays into chaos“, as stated in second law of thermodynamics. Same goes to love, are we going to tolerate the chaos happened, or we are going our separate path and start another journey into chaos?

Maybe it’s not about the present. It’s always about the memories. What we had done. What we had accomplished together with those hands we hold. To think that it would be a waste to lose all this. All of this memories.

“You’ve changed”. Everyone appears to change. It’s the law of nature to change. It follows the principle of Entropy, everything decays. “Changed by who?”, she said. Changed by you. Always.

When time goes by, where emotions are no longer to be felt. Arguments take its place to prolong a relationship as we write about our arguments in the memory book. The key to happiness is always there. Changed into kind of forms.

I bear you because I love you. Love. By verbal. Bear. By action. Let’s bear each other until things turn unbearable. Which we always know, will never come. The universe, everything is started through change, decay. Bear with me, and I will bear you forever more. Bear will always be the strongest act of love. 

"substitute love for bear. calculate eternity."

With Bear,


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