bunch of homosapiens. fear from murders, crime and terrorism. a game seems like the hunter and the hunted. not hunted by criminal, murderer nor terrorist. but by words. bunch of homosapiens with the ability to kill. pushing air out through the mouth using the lips. so deathly. so easy. so easy to understand. we can't be deaf by choice. but we can be mute by choice. just like a stab. stabbing in front. or stabbing behind the back. doesn't even matter in my stand. the world is already at war. an underlying war with words. the impact is showing. depression. suicides. regret. homosapiens can be so vulnerable. killed in the midst of fear. kill me dear homosapiens. and congratulations. you killed yourself. with words. regret. trauma. don't kill me dear homosapiens. because "no offense" is not the savior of everything.

"the talkative was now mute"
"death is mute"
"killing your own kind"
"words that kill"

Inspiration from: Words That Kill



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