we are the walking tree. growing stronger. with hidden roots as base. the ability to grow on both sides. but only one side is to be seen. every one of us strife to reach the sun. high and high. we bear the risk of falling harder and harder. roots are the tree's protector. to support. to prevent us from falling. every time. life hits and hits. stronger and stronger blow. roots started to crack the ground. giving its everything until it got nothing left. but life hits just too hard. roots are exposed. and bare roots collapsed the tree. parts of yourself shall not be seen. anger. greed. immorality. we are always both the good guys and the bad guys. did we choose to hide our bad guys within? burst your roots. and you will collapse your journey reaching the sun. but these hidden parts of yourself helps you grow. to see the true sight at front. to prevent yourself from losing in the dark. it's okay to hide some part of yourself to the world. it's okay to keep secret. even if u collapsed, it's okay. because even if you fell after giving everything. eventually, there's always something left in that bare roots you once burst. although bare roots failed to support, it will never fail to adapt growth. rebirth.

"hide your darkest side"
"losing yourself"
"don't give up after failure"
"trees can be ferocious if provoked"

thoughts i felt through the title of



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