a first time walking back home from university on a late cold night. missed the last bus because of debriefing after a late event. i was the last to leave. and alone. holding a emoji-like cardboard box. sleepyhead in mind. i walk back home on a misty ghostly night. distance was okay. a straight line road and a small hill to climb. the road was unusually quiet. such a weird "surprise". playing my phone and replying chats with different types of emoji as i walk. yet i kept a emotionless expression. there was a man standing under the only lamppost ahead. back facing towards me. i walk past the man. he stopped me. and said, "young man, is the box smiling or no?". i said, "it's a grimace emoji.". i can't see his face despite standing under the lamppost. but i didn't bother further. then he said, "so is it smiling?". i looked down at my phone. the grimace emoji is smiling. so i said, "yes?". then he said while smiling. "yes, pain is happiness it is." he started laughing. in the middle of the night. i freaked out. bone chilled and started to walk away. "enjoy your pain!", "grimaceman will condemn you!" were heard loud and clear as i was walking away. all the way i was still confused about the smiling grimace emoji. after climbing the small hill, a grim reaper with a mace stopped me. "I like your face." he said. it was the man. i was scared and ran as fast as i can. the grimace emoji on the box started to change. into my face. petrified. i look towards the nearest car screen. my face. has turned to a grimace emotion. i can't scream. i can't move my face. the box with my face was collected by the man. and i finally saw his face. it face. that night, i was left with a grimace face and a cardboard box. that night, i was trapped by the grimaceman. condemned with a pain in happiness. that night, i were killed by not appreciating my own face.

what's left?
an open body with a closed head.

grimace - an ugly, twisted expression on a person's face, typically expressing disgust, pain or wry amusement.

"why is grimace emoji smiling anyway?"

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